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How It Works

Snap a photo!

Getting started is as easy as taking a photo. Snap a photo of any textbook, worksheet, online module, or even scribbles on a sheet of paper, then crop and submit any math question.

Connect with a live tutor!

Within minutes, you will be connected to one of our amazing math teachers, who will go through a step-by-step explanation of how to solve your specific problem.

Review lessons anytime!

Missed something? Need to review a complicated step? Want to share it with your friends? We’ve got you covered. Once your session is completed, you’ll be able to access a recording of your lesson to keep for forever.

Our Mission

More goals accomplished.

Help students reach their goals and reach the height of their academic achievement. Whether it’s checking answers, improving grades, or just getting homework done, we’ve got you covered.

More “a-ha” moments!

There are tons of apps in the market that promote cheating. We want students to have those “aha” moments where they completely grasp what they’re working on, which our expert tutors are there to help with!

More affordable for all.

Did you know that the national average rate for tutoring is $40/hour? We believe that every student should have access to individualized education, regardless of their background. That’s why we offer an extremely reasonable price for our unlimited tutoring subscription.



Wow wow wow!!!

I have struggled so much in math. I've probably paid more than $700 for tutors, to just get some help with my homework. Instead of going to class with no confidence in my work and answeres, I could share my answers with people during our reviews and could be proud of my work. The tutors on this app go above and beyond in their explanation and it's like they "speak student" when they do their work.


Wow wow wow!!!

I had been stuck on a calc problem for days literally to the point of pulling my hair out. I found this app, and the live tutor solved it in less than 5 minutes! So handy to have this at my disposal moving forward…


Wow wow wow!!!

Heard about this app from my cousin, whose school had flyers about the app. She said that she had recently been using it to help with her homework, and it's been saving her a lot of time. I decided to try it out and found it pretty useful, will use it again if I can't find clear solutions on google!